about us

Sinjore is a publishing production management company based in Singapore with a global delivery centre in India, founded in 2007 with a strong passion for technology, publishing and rural development, we cater to STM, academic and trade publishers across the globe. At Sinjore, our priority is customer delight ... global outreach with local roots. Customer satisfaction and team empowerment are the only results we seek in every product we deliver, be it books, journals or digital solutions. Our services are designed to simplify the production process with the best of our technology enabling our publishers to focus on their core-content creation. We envision to be numero uno in publishing services with our customer delight and local community empowerment. Yes, we are gender biased and women-centric, proudly 97% of our team are women.


Sinjore provides prepress and digital solutions to customers across the globe in various segments including Science, Technical, Medical (STM), Higher Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). Over the years, we have accrued extensive capabilities in managing end to end publishing production of books, journals, conference proceedings, major research works and series. Our publishing services include:


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